Before & After - Part II

The inspiration for this project was the beautiful backyard view of a large pond and conservancy.  Even in the winter months, the wildlife and glistening water is a serene picture for any canvas.  I felt I needed to bring this view of nature into the interior of the house.  

I started this process by selecting a large natural dining table and chairs that looked similar in color to driftwood.  I selected a natural tweed fabric on the seats, and a contrast leaf patterned fabric on the backs of the chairs for interest.  The moss green and taupe color selection was also intentional, in bringing the nature back into the room.

The original design of the room did not have any window treatments, because the client didn't want to obstruct the view of the backyard.  But I felt that the room needed softness.  So, we added custom stationary drapery panels on the ends of each bank of windows.  This not only gives the softness that the room required, but it actually enhances the view by framing out the windows.

I had a large upholstered banquette made for one side of the table in lieu of additional dining chairs.  This was also a tactic to add softness as well as charm to the room.  The accent pillows we had made for the banquette match the backs of the chairs and are a nice custom touch.

The final touch to this room was this beautiful loop and sheer tip area rug.  The colors and design work compliment the room perfectly and anchors the dining area.

This dining room has been transformed into a beautiful and elegant room that is now a natural extension of the outdoors.