Fall- The Season of Textures

As summer activities dwindle down, the first day of school quickly approaches, and nights become cooler, fall is nearing.  Summer's remnants of lightweight, bright fabrics will soon be replaced with dark colors and wool sweaters. Fall is the season of textures; fabrics range from plush velvet to soft angora.  It is time to take cues from our wardrobes and emanate them into our homes. Here are a few tips to incorporate fall’s warm colors and textured textiles.

A textured rug can centralize a space or be used as a statement accent. Wool rugs are soft but also long-wearing.  It is a perfect, durable fabric for an office or a bedroom. Try a dark print with deep hues of blue or brown for a more unique fall look.  For a more rustic approach, a sheepskin rug is perfect for a family room or as a small accent for the side of a bed. A textured rug feels decadently soft and brings a rich textural element to any room. Try out different patterns, textures, fur or faux, see which one feels right and works with your space!

Wallpaper can be a more dramatic route for layering textures into your home. Bring the feeling of the crisp outdoors into a space by using grass cloth as a textural twist.  Not only does it come in an array of colors, grass cloth is durable and compliments any space. Try a beautiful olive color for a warmer tone or a slick gray for a modern take.  Any type of woven or textured wallpaper can also hide a less than perfect wall surface. Options are endless for a subtle or more daring look.

Accessories, accessories, accessories! After being out in the chilly night who doesn’t like cozying up on a warm, plush, couch with pillows and blankets? This is one of the easiest way to incorporate texture by far. Swap out summers canvas pillows and opt for a velvet or mohair fabric instead. Mix and match different sizes and textures.  For a cheaper alternative try faux fur- it feels just as soft as real! A throw blanket can also add a pop of color and warmth to your family room. Try a bold burnt orange or a beautiful jewel tone as a fall accent.

Last but not least, bring the outdoors indoors. The most inexpensive way to add texture to a home is with branch clippings. Fresh curly willow in tall stems dramatically makes a statement but also add a sculptural element. Fallen bright leaves could also be beautiful on a dining room table. Don’t be afraid to bring the outdoors, in!

You can find inspiration for fall all around you from your wardrobe or the changing trees and weather. Have fun and get creative. Fall is all about starting something new and welcoming the upcoming season and holidays.