Decorating Ideas and Resolutions to Declutter

Your home is your sanctuary: It should be peaceful, relaxing, and comforting.  A "safe zone" so to speak, after an otherwise hectic day. Cluttered rooms contribute to anxiety and stress. Here are some simple tips to transform those cluttered rooms into chic beautiful living spaces.

Purge the clutter: Clear out bookcases, shelving units, and countertops. Keep only a few larger statement pieces on the shelves as an artistic feature. It will make a great impact and it will actually make the area feel bigger and brighter.  

Small changes can make a big impact:  A fresh coat of paint can make all the difference in the world. There are incredible sales after the holidays too. So take advantage of this opportunity to purchase a few key items that will transform your tired room such as a new area rug or a comfortable chair. You can refresh and update your room by just replacing a few of these pieces and add a touch of the latest new color palette to transform the look.

Baskets and boxes:  Hide unsightly remote controls, car keys, etc. in a decorative box. Use a large decorative basket for newspapers and magazines that you haven't had a chance to read yet.  A pretty container on the kitchen desk area or countertop is an attractive and convenient place to keep mail and important papers that need immediate attention.  There are tons of beautiful containers available out there in various sizes and styles. It's an inexpensive way to add beauty to functionality.

Donations: Give back to those less fortunate and donate those unused items that are just filling space. The local women's shelter or Goodwill are happy to receive your donations. We can make a difference!

Happy decorating and have a safe and healthy New Year!