A Teen's Haven

What was once a little girl’s bedroom, has now been transformed into a beautiful teen suite.

One of my favorite features in this room are the navy blue walls, which give such a great contrast to all the white trim.  It is such a beautiful bold look that’s suitable for any age.

Most people are afraid of adding a dark color on their walls.  They are fearful that it will either darken the room or make it appear smaller. However, when it’s coupled with white trim and ceilings, it actually brightens up the room!

A fun added element that we came up with, is the hanging chair in the corner of the room.  This chair is not only a beautiful feature, but it also provides a great area to read or study. We also added a window seat with nooks and colorful baskets for additional seating and storage.    

The sophisticated bed, dresser and night stand will take this teen throughout her adulthood. Other added elements and accessories such as the large framed bulletin boards; dual dressing mirrors; Alpaca fur benches and a crystal chandelier are details that finish off this fabulous young retreat.

I’ve worked on various projects for over 15 years with these lovely Long Grove residents, but this project was one of the most enjoyable of them all!  This transformed bedroom has turned into the envy of every young teen….or mature adult for that matter.

Now that the kids are back to school, why not consider transforming their bedroom into an inviting place to study, do their homework, or just retreat from their busy day?  I am happy to help you take that bold step forward on your next project.  Contact me today!


Time to Remodel Your Bathroom...?

Here are a few tips that may help you through the process!


Poor planning is the leading cause of cost overruns on these types of projects.  Nothing is more expensive than doing things twice!  Research various designs and styles you like from the Internet or magazines.  Keep an idea file folder (or Pinterest board) of inspiring images.  Find a good contractor.  It pays to find a top-notch general contractor to manage operations for a project such as this one.


Especially those that get the most use such as toilets, faucets, shower fixtures and even cabinets.  You can find many name brand items at the "big box stores" or on the Internet.  But be aware that many name brand companies will also manufacture what appears to be the same fixture you might find in a specialty store; except the inner-workings are manufactured with plastic instead of metal.  The plastic mechanics may cause leaks or early breakage, which is more costly in the long run.  (That remains true not only with plumbing fixtures but also with blinds and window shades as well.)


Creating a niche or series of niches in the wall of a shower or bath area is a wonderful way to provide space for shampoo and conditioner bottles, and even accent items like candles.  Niches are a welcome alternative to a plastic shower caddy or wire racks.  They are inexpensive to construct and can become an architectural element in the shower.



If your home is more than a few decades old, your existing bathroom vanity is likely 30 inches high.  While that height can be great for smaller children, it really doesn't work for adults.  The standard height now is 36 inches, which is comfortable for most adults and is a more updated look.



If you are on a tight budget and need to keep your existing cabinetry, add new hardware and a new granite top to your current vanity.  It can really transform a bathroom and give it that updated look without investing in an entire new cabinet.

Before & After - Part II

The inspiration for this project was the beautiful backyard view of a large pond and conservancy.  Even in the winter months, the wildlife and glistening water is a serene picture for any canvas.  I felt I needed to bring this view of nature into the interior of the house.  

I started this process by selecting a large natural dining table and chairs that looked similar in color to driftwood.  I selected a natural tweed fabric on the seats, and a contrast leaf patterned fabric on the backs of the chairs for interest.  The moss green and taupe color selection was also intentional, in bringing the nature back into the room.

The original design of the room did not have any window treatments, because the client didn't want to obstruct the view of the backyard.  But I felt that the room needed softness.  So, we added custom stationary drapery panels on the ends of each bank of windows.  This not only gives the softness that the room required, but it actually enhances the view by framing out the windows.

I had a large upholstered banquette made for one side of the table in lieu of additional dining chairs.  This was also a tactic to add softness as well as charm to the room.  The accent pillows we had made for the banquette match the backs of the chairs and are a nice custom touch.

The final touch to this room was this beautiful loop and sheer tip area rug.  The colors and design work compliment the room perfectly and anchors the dining area.

This dining room has been transformed into a beautiful and elegant room that is now a natural extension of the outdoors.

Before & After Projects

The best way to appreciate a beautifully decorated room is to see what it derived from, as well as what the inspiration was. I’ve decided to post “Before & After” photos in the next few blog posts to show the vision I have when I approach a project, and how I make that room come to life!  Sometimes it may be whimsical, sometimes it may be romantic, at times it’s funky and at times it’s classic.  Whatever the functional objective is for the finished project, the journey to get there is always an exciting path for me, seeing it all pull together.  I’d like to take you on that journey in the next few blogs, to see some of my favorite “before and after" photos. As I’m sure you will agree… a photo speaks a thousand words!

This project below was a very large bonus room that was previously a huge play area. The client wanted to turn it into a multipurpose room for their teenage daughter.  They needed an area for her to do homework; an area to relax and watch TV; and a place to play games.  They also requested additional storage space.  The first thing that stood out to me, was the large window area that seemed to be “wasted space”.  I came up with a design that is not only used for storage, but also a great area to have friends sleep over, or to just relax and read a book. After designing this functional space; I then created the rest of the room around that window banquette.

The walls/ceiling towards the back of the room were angled.  Which made it a bit tricky to work around.  However, I embraced the unusual angles and created a cozy TV entertainment area. We had the TV unit custom made along with the banquette and “breakfast bar”.  These three pieces balanced the entire room very nicely. The center of the room was a perfect place to add a small game table and chairs.  It not only provided the function they requested, but it also helped to divide the various seating areas of the room. Making each area, all the cozier.

The west wall as you enter the room was a great spot to add a “breakfast bar" and bookcase; equipped with a mini refrigerator and cabinet storage for games or treats. The bookcase came in handy for the office work space that was kiddy-corner to the breakfast bar. A beautiful mahogany corner desk was purchased to fill that space and make it a quiet work area, away from the entertainment portion of the room.

This room turned out to be the perfect entertainment room for both young and old. It came to life with all the beautiful clean contemporary art and accessories.  It's a room I’m very proud to have created for my clients.